Can you smoke in Lent?

Those believers who have a bad habit of smoking are often interested in whether it is possible to smoke during fasting. Can smoking be considered a sin, because there are no clear instructions about it in the Bible? Is it worth it to keep fasting at all if it is very difficult to give up addiction? Let's try to figure this out.

Is smoking a sin

Can you smoke during Lent? Some believe that since there is not a word about this bad habit in the Bible, then it is allowed not to attribute it to sins. But it is worth noting that addiction to alcohol, cigarettes and even sweets in the eyes of the church is a way to please the physical body. Therefore, during Great Lent or before communion, the smoker should think "I am fasting, you can’t indulge in bad habits. "After all, refusing food symbolizes control over physical desires for the sake of spiritual forces.

In addition, smoking can be attributed not only to bodily passion. It becomes the cause of the appearance of other vices, for example, selfishness. After all, smoking pregnant women do not think about the harm they cause to their fetus. The same can be said for parents who mindlessly smoke in front of their children. In addition, they make them future smokers without even realizing it. This situation speaks not only of anti-Christian behavior, but also of the violation of all moral laws.

Orthodox family and smoking in Lent

The conclusion whether it is possible to smoke during fasting before Easter suggests itself. Yes, and smoking in itself is a sin, so you should not do this, not only before communion, but even at all. If you are not completely convinced yet, then we also note that this bad habit is also sinful for the reason that it causes great harm to health. The Bible teaches us that health, like life, is a gift from God. A person is forbidden to reduce his health by indulging in addiction.

Why You Should Avoid This Habit

Every smoker who justifies his behavior should know that any number of cigarettes smoked is a danger to his health. Here are some facts about this bad habit:

  • tobacco smoke contains more than 4, 000 harmful substances, some of which are poisons, but nicotine is considered the most dangerous, because it leads to addiction and disrupts the functioning of all organs and systems in the body;
  • heavy smokers suffer from various diseases and often suffer from viral infections, and all because nicotine weakens the immune system and causes organ damage;
  • scientists have proven that nicotine and other carcinogens contained in cigarettes lead to the formation of cancerous tumors;
  • Cigarette smoke contains a radioactive substance - polonium, which causes great damage to health.

This list is far from complete and there are many reasons why you should throw away cigarettes and never touch them again.

Smoking cessation in Lent

Do not ask if smoking is allowed during fasting. It is better to use this period in order to get rid of a bad habit. Before starting, it is better to go through the rite of communion in order to start a new life and leave all sins in the past. Every believer must find the strength to fight all sinful tendencies, especially if they are detrimental to his health.

Let this sacred period become for you a time when spiritual strength will overcome bodily passion. If you plan to continue smoking while fasting, then consider whether it will be valid when the greatest addiction is in control of your life?

Prayer will help you at this time. You need to read it clearly and believe that it will give you the strength to overcome addiction. Seek help from a priest, go to church and you can say goodbye to this sin.

priest in church and smoking in fasting

There are other ways to get rid of bad habits. You can use a nicotine patch or chewing gum, buy supportive medications, or go to a session with a psychologist. You can also find a lot of traditional medicine.

The best time to get rid of a bad habit is the last day before the start of the fast. To start the whole process, it is recommended to smoke the last cigarette in the evening, and put an empty pack of cigarettes and a note on the bedside table, in which you should write "From today I do not smoke anymore. "

It doesn't matter what method you decide to use to quit the addiction. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and in a higher power.