How to replace cigarettes when you quit smoking

smoking cessation and how to replace cigarettes

Smoking is a deadly habit. And, not even a habit, but a persistent addiction, formed on a psychological and physical level.

Many lovers of smoke and eventually earned health problems decide to part with such a hobby. And they think about what to replace cigarettes with when you quit smoking.

Doctors advise replacing cigarettes when you quit smoking, for distraction and recovery.

Mark Twain said "Quitting smoking is the easiest thing, I don't know, I've quit a thousand times! ".

For many, this becomes a serious addiction, only 5% are able to get rid of it on their own.

How to replace the desire to "raise"

There are many "folk" means of getting rid of an unpleasant habit.

How to replace a cigarette when you quit smoking:

  1. Focus on business. Get busy: a favorite hobby or immersing yourself in your work routine. Tactics will drive away obsessive thoughts, and if the matter is interesting, get carried away, forgetting about tobacco. If the urge is strong, use a nicotine spray or patch to reduce cravings.
  2. Fall in love! Relationships that arise again renew a person. When a girl (or wife) does not smoke, then this will serve as an example for you (with strong feelings). Try switching to an electronic cigarette.
  3. I wanted to smoke, do physical exercises (push-ups, running in place, whatever you want). In case of fatigue or increased ventilation of the lungs, the body is cleansed, and you definitely don’t want to smoke, we wish you one thing - to relax!

Enough fighting methods. Someone will be helped by one (for example, chewing gum), and another will have to use several, but the main goal should be moved to improve the quality of life.

Save the figure by tying with tobacco

In the course of the studies, European scientists have seen that after giving up the addiction, "already non-smokers" gain up to 4 kg per year. Nicotine has a bad effect on human organs, accelerating the metabolism in the body (due to excitation of the nervous system).

As soon as nicotine ceases to enter inside, nicotine starvation is immediately felt. Under such a shock, the body systems act abnormally: pressure jumps, metabolism is disturbed, the level of insulin and carbohydrate metabolism also change.

These reasons cause many people to "stress eat" (overeat). To abandon a harmful way of life, engage in productive activities to drive away obsessive thoughts about tobacco dope.

Tips for getting rid of bad habits, for improving the figure:

  1. Throw preferably during the holidays. Changing the environment, where most of the environment is smokers, is a wonderful way out of this situation. Great if you go to the sea or live a short time in the countryside.
  2. Fresh air, hiking, swimming will energize, positive emotions, help you understand that a cigarette is not your friend.
  3. Sport is the best medicine. Nordic walking, swimming, running! Yes, at first it will be difficult to run, but when you get involved, recharge yourself with energy, vivacity, and a great mood.
  4. Replace cigarettes with "sucking" candies. There is an opinion: lollipop or "chupa-chups" are useful in a difficult "struggle". Get carried away with less sweets (chocolate or sucking), sweets will have a bad effect on the figure!
  5. Use "sucking" sweets as a supportive tool for quitting tobacco, along with other means. The chewing reflex will reduce cravings: chewing gum helped someone, and one man helped the habit of chewing matches.
  6. There is no need to worry too much if bouts of overeating occur. These are temporary phenomena, be patient a little, so that after that you can live a productive, happy, healthy life. You can continue smoking to die earlier than your peers.
  7. With severe hunger, it is more useful to eat vegetables, fruits, exclude salty and spicy foods, eat more fiber, dairy products.
  8. Go ahead, change your diet. Then you do not have to use an artificial substitute, and the desire to smoke will weaken, and your precious life will take on new bright colors!

How smoking affects a person's weight

How does smoking affect a person's weight? Nicotine, which causes addiction to cigarettes, is a stimulant of the central nervous system. A powerful drug that speeds up metabolism, constricts blood vessels and makes the heart beat faster.

The consequences of smoking habits include weight gain. After quitting smoking, the absence of nicotine slows down the metabolism.

This means that by eating the same amount of food as before, you can get better. For each person, these processes occur individually.

Effects of cigarette smoking on metabolism

Nicotine, directly increases metabolism, increases calories burned by the body - at rest, with direct exposure.

Most people have a heart rate of up to 20 beats per minute immediately after smoking.

The body gets a stimulating effect, which leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks.

By quitting smoking, processes return to normal activity quickly. This problem occurs when smokers continue to eat a lot of food, as they used to, while smoking.

Metabolism returns to normal, can not cope with the number of calories - kilograms appear, which is why they complain that they quit smoking and become overweight.

The risk of weight gain is nothing compared to losing a bad habit. On average, a person gains 3-4 kg after quitting smoking.

Some may take more. Most return to normal weight after a year.

It is impossible to say how much each smoker will eventually gain kilograms. It depends on gender, age, activity level, nutrition and genetic predisposition.

Most people will lose excess weight as the body adjusts to a life without nicotine. For others, it will take effort. For some, weight gain is a permanent occurrence.

Is it possible to gain weight and why it is gaining

When a person quits smoking, taste buds change, it seems that food has become tastier. The desire to eat arises more often.

Smoking, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, it took 200 calories, which is equivalent to a sandwich or a glass of soda.

Many get better because they are used to smoking cigarettes after eating. Now the cigarette is replaced by an increase in the volume of food.

You need to maintain weight, not try to lose weight. There is a "withdrawal syndrome". Previously, under stress, a cigarette was smoked, now the brain asks to replace the cigarette with something else - food.

Nicotine hunger is similar to natural hunger, a person, without realizing it, eats everything that comes to their mind. Treats will be a substitute for cigarettes.

Anger, frustration, depression and stress are other withdrawal symptoms. This causes people to eat more than usual.

What are the symptoms of psychological addiction to smoking

The following symptoms appear when quitting or long-term abstinence from smoking:

  1. Desire to smoke. The desire to smoke occurs with severe stress, family troubles, troubles at work. A cigarette is perceived as a synonym for the word "relaxation. " When quitting smoking, physical dependence disappears in the first month, but the desire to smoke at any blow of fate haunts for a long time, on average, up to 3 years, and sometimes until the end of life.
  2. Mood swings. The smoker is unable to control his feelings and emotions in the absence of nicotine. He can sincerely laugh, and then cry the next minute. Symptoms are noticeable with prolonged abstinence or quitting smoking.
  3. Suicidal thoughts. The absence of a cigarette causes depression, up to the appearance of suicidal thoughts. It is most pronounced in women due to their psychotype. Tears, neurasthenia, despair, turning into a desire to die - all these symptoms are characteristic of ex-smokers passing through the stage of quitting smoking.
  4. Insomnia and sleep disorders. Insomnia occurs when the incessant inner feeling of anxiety and nervous tension. The absence of cigarettes does not make it possible to completely relax, feel safe, be "in the house", so nervous tension accumulates, and anxiety grows, which is especially noticeable at night when a person tries to relax. Sleep does not go because of sad or disturbing thoughts, nightmares are dreamed at night, the smoker constantly wakes up.