Quit smoking gradually

quitting cigarettes

There is no need to convince anyone that smoking causes irreparable harm to health.In the latest ratings of psychoactive substances in terms of harmfulness, nicotine took third place. There is only heroin and cocaine ahead. And from the point of view of the formation of persistent addiction, it is the leader.

But even knowing this, people are in no hurry to change their habits, becausedon't want to be in an uncomfortable situation. They are not confident that they can overcome their addiction even by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes they smoke.

Why is it difficult to quit smoking

The craving for smoking is quickly becoming an important part of an individual's existence. A few puffs after lunch or at a meeting with friends become a kind of ritual.Both psychological and physical attachment are formed under the influence of nicotine.

This substance has a powerful effect on the respiratory and central nervous systems, worsens blood composition, and harms the immune system. And it doesn’t matter in what form nicotine enters the body: through a cigarette, hookah, vape or IQOS.

The dopamine reinforcement system is triggered. The psychoactive toxin actively interacts with neurons and causes the release of dopamine, one of the key neurotransmitters of the central nervous system. Reinforcement of needs occurs on an emotional level. And since nicotine is eliminated within about an hour, a new dose of positivity will be needed quite soon.

The brain issues a demand, and if the need is not fulfilled, withdrawal symptoms appear.The mechanism of tobacco addiction has been launched. It begins to work regularly after just a few days of regular use of tobacco products. The individual becomes a hostage to his addiction.

Manifestations of addiction

Most often, a person realizes that he cannot live without cigarettes when, after a missed smoke break, he begins to feel nervous and unbalanced.Signs of persistent addiction are:

cigarette addiction
  • the desire to smoke a cigarette immediately after getting up in the morning, before breakfast;
  • increased concentration after a few puffs;
  • normalization of the general condition after nicotine enters the body.

Restrictive measures taken by society towards tobacco users are ineffective. To say goodbye to a bad habit, the sincere desire of the smoker is requiredand remarkable willpower, since not everyone can cope with withdrawal symptoms.

To get rid of tobacco addiction, you need to find motivation, remove provoking factors as much as possible and strengthen your determination.A strong-willed person can decide that he will quit smoking right here and now, and will carry out his decision. But only a few have a strong will, so most have to resort to gradually quitting smoking.

Who should not smoke

Quite a lot of people want to say goodbye to harmful hobbies. But there are categories that should end their addiction to tobacco as quickly as possible.These people are especially vulnerable, and they simply cannot continue to inhale smoke without harming themselves:

  • Children and teenagers, whose body is not yet fully formed.
  • Women planning pregnancy or carrying a child. Tobacco has a detrimental effect not only on the woman herself, but also on the fetus. This can lead to the formation of many physical and mental pathologies or even the death of the baby.
  • People diagnosed with heart disease. They are at risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
  • Suffering from respiratory problems: asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, obstructive pulmonary disease.

Even if a person does not belong to a risk group, he should think about how to gradually quit smoking as soon as possible.

How to say goodbye to addiction

You can give up an antisocial habit on your own or with the help of specialists.Making a healthy choice is the right decision. Experience shows that it is better to quit smoking gradually.

Psychological preparation

how to get rid of nicotine addiction

It is necessary to accurately determine the start date of the campaign to free yourself from addiction.Let it be some kind of holiday or the first day of vacation. If the desire to inhale smoke occurs most often at work, then start on Saturday or during the holiday break. It is necessary to draw up a rough schedule according to which the number of cigarettes smoked daily will be reduced.

If, when purchasing each new pack, you write down its price on a piece of paper, then at the end of the week you will get an interesting result. It can hit:a significant part of the family budget is spent on purchasing harmful goods. Wouldn't it be better to spend the money on more useful purchases?

The right mental attitude will not only strengthen your determination, but will also help you achieve your goal.

Action plan

Among the advice from doctors and psychologists is this: do not buy cigarette cartons. Buy a new pack only when there is not a single piece left in the previous one. If you need to smoke, you shouldn’t open the package right away, it’s better to hold it in your hand for a couple of minutes, and during this time do some small thing: 2-3 physical exercises, call a friend, just take a walk.

It is better to put off the first cigarette in the morning for as long as possible, and remove everything that reminds you of smoking out of sight.Lighters and ashtray go to the back corner. The cigarette pack is removed from the pocket. An addict should use any means necessary to extend the period between doses of nicotine.

You can draw up a scheme according to which you will need to introduce days without cigarettes - first one per week, then two, three. This approach is fully consistent with the advice: you need to quit smoking gradually.


consequences of smoking

Serious motivation is important to support the desire to achieve the goal.The birth of a baby, whose health should not be harmed, or the requests of his beloved wife - these are very significant motives. If you bet with a friend that you can say goodbye to cigarettes, it will be much easier to resist smoking - it’s a matter of principle, you need to win the argument!

It is important for many to prove their strong-willed qualities. In this case, it makes sense to tell your relatives and friends about your decision and resolutely reject the possibility of smoking.In this situation, breaking a promise becomes fundamentally unacceptable..

Motivation can be not only external, but also internal. The desire to increase self-esteem, maintain health, and feel respect for oneself are the strongest incentives.

Breaking a habit with the help of medicine

If a person is not sure whether it is possible to quit smoking gradually on his own, it makes sense to go to a clinic. A narcologist will help you create an optimal schedule for getting out of the situation., will select replacement medications and, if necessary, prescribe a sedative.

Replacement therapy

Medical methods are aimed at relieving discomfort when quitting smoking. This is facilitated by means that ensure tiny doses of nicotine enter the body.With this technique, the brain is "deceived" by offering it not the usual dose, but a very small one.. This reduces the level of dependence.

To ease the sensations of withdrawal, use:

nicotine patch
  • nicotine patch;
  • anti-smoking spray;
  • nicotine gum;
  • inhaler.

The use of these means gives only a temporary effect and does not solve the problem of complete liberation.

Psychotherapeutic activities

Psychotherapy methods help to adjust a person’s consciousness accordingly and eliminate the subconscious desire for tobacco products.

Psychotherapists use the following methods:

  • Ericksonian hypnosis;
  • rational, cognitive, behavioral psychotherapy;
  • Allen Carr technique.

Practice shows the high effectiveness of psychotherapeutic influence. The result can be achieved in several sessions.


acupuncture against smoking

Acupuncture has an effect on reflexogenic points and activates the body's defenses.Impact on certain areas causes blocking of nicotine addiction.

When quitting smoking, a person becomes irritable. And acupuncture helps relieve symptoms of nervousness. The mood is leveled, stress resistance increases.

The effectiveness of the method depends on the professionalism of the doctorand the patient’s ardent desire to get out of nicotine captivity.

Concluding the conversation about how to quit smoking, we emphasize that it is important not just to make a decision.It is important to take action without putting anything off until tomorrow.. Any long journey begins with the first step. Start small and gradually achieve your goal.