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  • How to quit smoking forever? The article contains 11 effective ways to quit smoking, gives useful recommendations for nicotine addiction.
    9 February 2022
  • What happens to a man's body when he quits smoking? A person who quit smoking feels very hungry, suffers from insomnia, complains of a slow heartbeat. All these symptoms are complemented by bad mood and irritability.
    9 February 2022
  • How long after tooth extraction you can smoke, the effect of cigarette smoke and nicotine, how long you can not smoke, when you can smoke after removing a wisdom tooth, how much you can not smoke after suturing, hookah and electronic cigarettes, consequences, reviews.
    1 March 2021
  • Methods for quickly quitting smoking at home, how to abruptly quit the habit yourself, quit smoking in 1 day, developing a reflex, folk methods for smoking, 4 smelly sighs, replacing with an electronic cigarette, hypnosis, conclusion.
    1 March 2021